Video Workouts

These videos are offered free to all our students.  The first reason we offer them free is because we understand that many people are having a difficult, stressful, devastating time right now and we want to help.   The second reason they are free is because, while they do offer a nice challenging workout, they are quite rough.   We did not spend a lot of time on quality prep- we spent time on writing a solid class for you and getting it posted.   We don’t want to be video stars- but we do want to give you Pilates.   If you want to view these please email us at for the password.

We are offering a way to donate classes for other students.  You can purchase the COMMUNITY pass- in $5, $10 and $20 options.  We are starting a Sponsorship for other students.  When you make your purchase, please make sure to select “gift certificate.” If you are financially stable and are looking for a way to help others, this is a great way to give back.   

Disclaimer: Pilates Heartcore and its employees are not liable for any injury that happens while playing these videos.  Watch and participate at your own risk.

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We “CARE” Pilates Class

Katie leads Nicole through a mat routine.  All you need is a chair.

Pilates – Shutdown Style

Nicole turns on Katie on the mat.  No props needed.

Foam Roller Fun!

30 minutes of Heather and a roller to help work some kinks out.

Up against a wall

All you need is a wall and your sexy body for this one.

Move with Heather!

Back and Abs get warm and toasty. 🙂

Mellow – Stretch & Core

40 min of hip, back, shoulder and wrist release work, with some core and booty added- cause that’s what we do! 

A Chair and some Feel Good

Nicole delivers. You need a chair for this 30 min full body session.  

Roller and a Lyndsie

A 50 min Roller Release class to hit ALL the spots.