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Read Me First

PHC offers group classes, duets, and private sessions – as well as 2 weekly virtual classes. Our group class room has 8 Reformers with Towers and Exo Chairs. We also have a private room with a Cadillac and another with 2 Reformers and Towers.

Pilates is a learned skill and we want to start with you in the right way. If you are new to Apparatus Pilates, you are required to take either our Newbies Basics class, a Duet with a friend or a Private session to get started with us. THIS IS A FIRM POLICY.   

Our Basics class is offered every other Saturday at noon. Register ASAP as they fill up fast!

Current Specials

PRIVATE INTRO SPECIAL- 2 sessions for $124.  This is two 50 minute one on one sessions with one of our fabulous instructors and our recommended way to get started.  

DUET FUN PACK – 2 sessions for $90. Everything is better with a friend!

NEWBIE CLASS SPECIAL- your first class is $10!  First class must be the Basics class if you are new to Pilates.  If you aren’t new to Pilates please email us your previous experience so we can clear you for classes.  

Email us at info @getheartcore.com to schedule private or duet sessions, get cleared for group if you have previous Pilates experience, or for any questions you might have. 

Pricing for our Pilates classes
New to Pilates or our studio? Start here.
Pilates classes and schedules

We are building healthy lifestyles, pain-free backs and tight butts, one person at a time.

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