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Located in Rancho Cordova, Pilates HeartcoreTM is an apparatus Pilates studio offering group classes and private sessions.
We utilize the Reformer, Exo chair, Trapeze Table, Springboard and Mat.
Our max class size is 6 students.

We are building healthy lifestyles, pain-free backs and tight butts, one person at a time.

Upcoming Events

Next FREE Intro to Pilates class-
Saturday February 29th at noon.
Our Intro class is typically held every other Saturday.
If you are new to Pilates this class or a private session is REQUIRED
prior to being cleared to go into regular group classes.
Click here to register for free Intro.

Current Specials

**2 Private sessions for $109**
This is 2 one hour long private sessions with one of our fabulous instructors. Our recommended way to get started. This option gives you a high level of comfort and understanding when you go into classes.
Email to schedule private sessions.

Our aim is to train you from the inside out. We will establish the rock-solid core foundation you need to flourish. We don’t just “spot-fix” one issue- but take a holistic whole body approach to fitness.

You will leave feeling better, stronger, fitter, leaner, happier and more confident.

This is our promise.

Whether you are just starting your fitness journey, a veteran athlete or are new to Pilates and would like to join our community, let’s make it happen. Your health and fitness goals could be a reality that starts right now. It’s time to get heartcoreTM.

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