All group and private classes are 50 minutes long.
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New to Pilates?  New students need to start with PHC Basics.
This class is held every other Saturday at noon.

This class will focus on teaching you the foundations of Pilates and how to navigate the Reformer.  We work on posture, alignment, strength, flexibility and balance.  But please do not mistake this class for easy!  We offer this class to give our students a safe, positive and supportive environment to learn from us.  If you are brand new, dealing with aches and pains, coming back to movement or want a little more attention then this is the class for you.

Core: Level 1

This class is the “CORE” of what we do at PHC. This class is suitable for all levels after the Basics class.  We take the Pilates foundations and add our own personal flavor to make each class different and fun.  Every Core 1 class is aimed at building overall strength, increasing core/pelvic stability and improving mobility, balance and flexibility.  We will use the Reformer, Tower, Exo chair, Arc, Rollers and other props to give you a legit ass kicking.  We offer modifications for each level of student to ensure that everyone is challenged and all bodies get what they need.   

Burn: Level 1

Want to get more of a caloric burn in your Pilates practice? Try Jumpboard! This class combines the strengthening benefits of traditional Pilates with the addition of cardio intervals on the Jumpboard. The Jumpboard provides a non-weight bearing way to do cardio and it burns the legs and booty like nothing else!  This class increases muscular endurance and builds the supportive muscles around the ankle, knees, hips and low back. You will sweat- and we will yell at you- nicely of course.  All levels welcome but we do recommend taking 4-6 Core classes prior to trying Burn.  


Our Roller and Ball workshops have finally become their own class!  Combining stretching and various techniques using foam rollers and balls, we can offer therapy and relief to the connective tissues, known as fascia. We will also help alleviate pain from the stresses placed on your body in your day-to-day activities.  This class gently rehydrates connective tissue, rebalances the nervous system, reduces inflammation, decompresses the neck and low back, mobilizes joints and increases flexibility.  And it feels damn good too.

Core: Level 1.5 and 2

Once you have built up your strength, flexibility and coordination through a regular Pilates practice then you could be ready for Core 1.5 or 2.  If you are able to move through our Core 1 moves with confidence then it might be time to challenge yourself at a higher level.  Intermediate and Advanced Pilates does put a lot of work into the wrists, knees and back so anyone with pre-existing issues would not enjoy this class. (Think planks, balance work and high lunges on the reformer…) This class is the more fancy shit you see on IG that most people associate Pilates with.  


This class is recommended for people with limited mobility, are shy/insecure about movement or are at a sexy, older age that needs a more gentle pace.  It is perfect for those who may not be able to comfortably lie down flat or get back up from the floor easily.  You will be doing Pilates exercises using props such as: resistance bands and balls as well as some work on the Reformer and other apparatus.  The goal of this class is to improve overall stability, mobility, core strength and balance.  We will adapt exercises and suggest appropriate options, if needed.  This class is open to all bodies, without major aches or pains that should be addressed in private sessions, but is specifically for those who cannot attend our Core classes.

Private Session

Want to spend time just on you and not have to share us with other students? Then Private sessions are the way to go. This is where to be if you are brand new to Pilates, have chronic pain from sitting all day, are recovering from an injury, just had a baby or have specialized needs for your lifestyle. We have worked with students who have never been good at “fitness” and want a quieter start, deconditioned bodies that need to build strength, recovering from a stroke, with muscular dystrophy, after a c-section, after a hip or knee replacement and after spinal surgery.  If you need our skills at a rehab level we are capable of giving you what you need.

Studio Calendar

Studio Policies:

Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely in, if possible something that is not too loose to allow instructors to see your form. Pants that are past the knee are recommended, and a shirt or tank top is required.


We require that you bring your smile, bring your attitude and come on time!

In order to best keep the focus on our own bodies during the session, Pilates Heartcore is a kid-free zone.

CANCELLATIONS: 24 hour notice is required for a cancellation or reschedule. If you are unable to cancel within 24 hours or do not show up for your class or appointment, you will be charged for that session. On all memberships, please note that any no-shows or cancellations made after the 24 hour cancellation policy cut-off will be charged a $20 fee if abused. We consider abuse more than 2 classes per month where a reformer sat empty. 

Pilates Heartcore reserves the right to determine what level class you are permitted to attend. We offer Basics to Advanced. Pilates is cumulative and going into classes you are not ready for can cause an injury. Muscular strength and a strong understanding of your Pilates practice will determine when you can advance into higher level classes. We work with you and see your progress. It is not the same as going to a higher level cardio or typical fitness class. Please trust the process.

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