Studio Policies

Please note these policies are to keep the integrity of our classes and sessions- so each student gets the most out of their time with us. If after reading these, you do not think you can handle acting like an adult and will engage in tantrum type behavior- we aren’t the right place for you.  

Pilates Heartcore is not a franchise or corporation.  We are a true small business.  Our first priority is you, not revenue.  We are a community who looks out for each other.  And respect for these policies is part of this.   

NEW STUDENTS:  Any newbie students coming from a franchise or big box “Pilates based” fitness studio will still be required to take either our Basics class, a Duet with a friend or a Private session.   They do not teach the same as us.   We teach contemporary, inclusive, rehabilitative PILATES.   And if you don’t learn it as intended, you miss a ton of the benefits and results.  We take this entry to our classes very seriously.   It keeps the quality of the classes intact for our existing students.  And for you when you become one.  

KIDS:  Kids are not permitted in the studio while you are in a class or private session.  No exceptions.  

ATTIRE: Grippy socks are required.  We sell them for $10 cash in studio. Shirt/Tanks are required as well as longer shorts.  No short shorts or just sports bras.  Less clothes means more opportunity to slip if you get sweaty.  

CANCELLATIONS: 24 hour notice is required for a cancellation. If you are unable to cancel within 24 hours or do not show up for your class or appointment, you will be charged for that session. This policy is firm and not negotiable.   The reason does not matter- our policy is a standard in the industry.  Our instructors are booked for their TIME on the calendar and the spot you held could have been given to someone else.

On all memberships and packages, please note that any no shows or cancellations made after the 24 hour cancellation policy cut-off will be charged a $20 fee if abused. We consider abuse more than 2 classes per month where a reformer sat empty. 

Once you use a credit off a package there are no refunds.  Refunds can only be given on an unused package.  

ATTENDANCE:   Being a student at PHC is an amazing thing.  Spots are limited.   If you no show more than 4 times in a 30 day period we reserve the right to cancel your membership or package.   We will refund you the unused credits via check to be picked up at the studio.   We will miss you but probably not since we never saw you anyways.   Harsh?  Yes.  But so are the empty reformers that other people want to be on.  

LATE ARRIVAL: If you are late more than 5 min to class, you will be turned away.  Being late is disruptive to the flow of the class and hard on the instructor.  You also miss the warm up.  5 min late walking in equates to 7-8 min- due to your grippy socks and getting settled on your equipment.  In order to keep the integrity of our classes, we ask that you be on time.  

Random events can happen and we understand- please text us at (916) 597-0717 and state who you are and that you are coming in hot- if it’s a rare incident for you.  We do make occasional exceptions for students coming from 30-45 min away from us.  

CLASS LEVELS: We reserve the right to determine what level of class you are cleared for.  Pilates is cumulative and going into an advanced class you aren’t ready for could cause an injury.  Pilates is not the same as other fitness classes and going into an advanced class will not give you results faster- it’s actually the opposite.  If a level 1 is too easy, you aren’t doing it right.  Let us show you.  Pilates is a learned skill- please trust the process.  We teach you to do it correctly so you can get the most out of your practice.  

INCLUSION:  PHC is a space for ALL bodies.  All shapes and sizes, age and genders, levels of ability, disabilities and shades of skin.  Variety is who we are.  Every day, every class are striving to change the industry.   We don’t subscribe to the “long lean body” hyper focused, destructive idea that Pilates is known for.  

Our focus is on the truth of it all- Pilates makes you STRONG.  Like try and fuck with me strong.   Pick up heavy stuff, run from the authorities, get on the ground with your grandkid, hold your legs up in the air longer STRONG.  Pilates makes you friends with your body- exactly as it is today.  So we will not tolerate any kind of shaming, judging or negative comments in the studio.   We are healing ourselves through this policy and invite you to leave that garbage at the door.  Treat yourself and the rest of us kindly.  

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