New Students

New to Pilates?

Worry not! We were all new once too!  We’ve been where you are and taking that first step in the door can be daunting. Once you come, you will see how welcoming our studio is!  Pilates is a fantastic way to keep the body strong and happy, all while supporting increased energy, posture, and joint-health. Here’s what you need to know to start off on the right foot!

Is Pilates for me?

Absolutely! Pilates is a safe, fun and kick ass way to feel good in your body. It can ease back pain and reduce inflammation. While it is certainly challenging, it is designed for everyone, no matter your age, ability or body type. Larger bodies can do Pilates and be fucking amazing at it!  Do not let any insecurities stop you from trying a class.  We welcome anyone who wants to move with us.  We work with EVERYONE- from the completely sedentary and previously injured- to professional athletes.  Pilates does not discriminate.  We offer small classes of just 8 students as well as private sessions.  

You don’t have to be fit to start with us.  You can be out of shape.  Maybe you just had a baby.  You could be a runner who is constantly tight.  You could be feeling stiff and older than your years.  You could have an office job that is wrecking your body.  Pilates Heartcore is a place for people who want to improve their health and wellness- both mental and physcial.  We provide instruction based on your personal goals, but we strive to form one strong community.

How do I get the best results?

Consistency is the key. This goes for any workout, but Pilates works best when you do it consistently. Pilates not only strengthens the superficial muscles, but also the underlying muscles that support your spine, and that takes time. Once a week is a great start, but 2-3 times a week is best.  If you practice consistently you will not only notice a visible change in your body, you will feel stronger, more flexible and have less aches and pains. We offer group classes utilizing the Reformer, Tower and Exo chair.  All of these pieces of equipment offer spring resistance that will support and challenge you.  We are not a gym.  We do not look or smell like a gym.  We are a place for people who want to move their body without pressure or judgement.  We will make you laugh, work your body hard, give you a break from “real life” and remind you what an amazingly resilient and powerful vessel your body is.  Appreciating our bodies and not being so hard on them is often difficult and this is something we strive to help others find with us. 

The First Step

Basics class or Private session required.

Take the PHC Basics class – held every other Saturday at noon. Or email us to schedule a private session at All new students need to start with a PHC Basics class or a private session to learn how to use the equipment. This is a requirement, not a request.  We take your first session with us very seriously.  Email us to be cleared if you’ve done Pilates on the reformer before or have any questions about any of the fabulous things we do here at PHC at

Click here to register for the next Basics class, or email us to schedule a private or duet session.

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