Free Pilates Love

Stiff?  Cranky?  Need to move?  Got weird hours?  Kids trapping you at home?   Need to clear your head?  Take a break from life?  Want to laugh with us as we totally nail being fitness video stars?  These free videos are 100% guaranteed to make you sigh, smile and say fuck yeah when you finish them.  

Here’s our giveback to you – completely unprofessional, unedited, fly by the seat of our pants, one take is all you get, survival mode activated (most of these were done in 2020) PHC instructors teaching that amazing modality called Pilates!  Take these video classes whenever you want.  Take us with you on vacation.  Or a business trip.  Or give yourself a Pilates lunch break while working from home.  Super convenient- there’s floor everywhere you go…and you get US!  

Password is: getyourasstoclass

Nicole, a chair and 30 minutes of feel good yummy stuff.

Lyndsie, a roller and 50 minutes of mobility and release work.

Katie, a wall and 30 minutes of sighing cause it all feels so good.

Heather, soup cans, a pillow and chair and 30 minutes of a full body challenge.

Katie, a mat and 40 minutes of stretching and moving all the body parts.

Heather, a roller and 30 min of release work and stretches.

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